39 Clues

This is a series of books full of mystery, suspense, action and more . It’s about these two kids, Amy and Dan, have to go on this journey to find 39 ingredients to make this powerful concoction that could help them take over the world. I absolutely LOVE this series. If you buy the books you will find a couple of cards and if you get all of them .. Well I haven’t got them all yet so I don’t know yet.

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Ok, I know this sounds like the typical boy book but this series is one of my favorites. The books are about cats that live in clans and hunt there own prey, have boundaries to separate the clans and they fight over boundaries, prey, and many more things. Erin hunter, (the author ) has like 30 books out and more to come. Go to warriorcats.com for more information.(I suggest that you read them in order because they make more sense,)

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Working At The Cafe


Having a wonderful meatball sandwich, a soda, cookie, and my dad in the background

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Hi There !

Ok this is so cool! I now have my own website! It is gonna have everything on it! If you have nothing to do I will have suggestions for like games, books, movies, all sorts of things! I will have websites you can check out, things you might like for christmas or birthdays, activities, crafts, maybe recipes, and a ton of more things!

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